Worth House photos

Undated photographs show the Worth House that once stood on the property located at 203 E. Main Street in Jefferson, which has been the topic of much discussion for the Jefferson Board of Aldermen in its past two meetings.

JEFFERSON — The Jefferson Board of Aldermen’s regular meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 26, with the Worth property, located at 203 E. Main Street in Jefferson, being the only item on its agenda.

During the board’s July meeting, the Worth property was the center of much discussion. Town Manager Cathy Howell explained that the property’s owner, Ann Winebarger, had failed to pay taxes on the property, totaling $20,000 in delinquent taxes. Towards the end of the July meeting, the board moved to foreclose on the property due to delinquent property taxes, which carried unanimously.

For this month’s meeting, Winebarger was in attendance to discuss the property with the board. Winebarger offered a check for $2,500 to the town to avoid any foreclosure proceedings. She then asked if the board would allow her 90 days to pay the remaining delinquent taxes.

“I’m looking to get this matter taken care of as soon as I possibly can with the cooperation of your board and our town,” Winebarger said.

The Worth property is currently listed for sale through Julie E. Townsend Real Estate Services for $199,000. The property was listed for a 90-day period and will expire in September, Winebarger said. She noted that Thomas Worth, the property’s previous owner, has the right of first refusal if the property were to sell.

“I want to be able to honor the contract that I have with Julie Townsend,” Winebarger said.

Howell noted that the property’s tax value is assessed at $59,000.

Alderman Charles Caudill asked Winebarger if she was confident in her ability to pay off the remaining delinquent taxes in a 90-day timeframe.

“I will give it my very best attention,” Winebarger said.

Caudill then said he saw no reason to object to Winebarger’s proposal.

“If 90 days is over and it’s not paid, we’re going to have to take action,” Caudill said. “This really affects all of the people in Jefferson.”

Caudill then made a motion to withhold any action on the Worth property for 90 days as of Aug. 26, and to accept the $2,500 payment from Winebarger, and take any necessary action after the allotted time frame. Alderwoman Cathy Ballou seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.

Aldermen Mark Johnston and Max Yates were absent for the vote.

With no new business to discuss, the board then moved to enter closed session at 7:17 p.m. Howell said later that the board approved a raise for Town Secretary Carol Winebarger after the closed session.

The Jefferson Board of Aldermen’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 23, at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.

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