ASHE COUNTY — Former N.C. Rep. Jonathan Jordan has filed to run for a seat on the Ashe County Board of Commissioners in the 2020 election. Jordan filed Dec. 2, the first day open to candidate filing.

Jordan served as legislator for the 93rd district of the North Carolina House of Representatives from 2011 to 2019, losing his 2018 re-election bid to Rep. Ray Russell (D-Boone). Since leaving office, Jordan has returned to practicing law and has served as chairman of the Ashe County Republican Party.

Jordan said his decision to run for a seat on the board of commissioners is a continuation of what he has wanted to do in public office.

“I want to continue my public service to Ashe County and I thought this would be a fantastic way to do it,” Jordan said.

Jordan added that a role on the board would be better for him personally than his previous position in Raleigh, with less travel and more time for his family and law practice, shutting down any potential return to the state capital.

“I have not missed the travel back-and-forth; I have not missed the politics down there,” Jordan said. “I have missed the public policy, but not the stuff that’s around it.”

Jordan said it’s undecided if he would be able to continue as chairman of the Ashe GOP, noting that he definitely would not be able to should there be a primary. Jordan also serves on the board of the Ashe County Home Builders Association, and previously served on the boards of the Ashe County Free Medical Clinic, the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce and the Ashe County Pregnancy Care Center.

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