LANSING — The Lansing Board of Aldermen met for its regular, monthly meeting Tuesday, Nov. 10, in Lansing Town Hall, discussing a deal with the fire department and the future of town hall.

All members of the board were in attendance. The meeting was delayed by about 15 minutes due to technical difficulties, leading to it not being broadcast on Facebook.

Up for discussion was renewing a deal with the Lansing Volunteer Fire Department. The yearly contract between the two parties allows for a lower fire tax in exchange for a $2,500 payment from the town. According to Mayor Mack Powers, the contract runs from July to July, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused the signing to be pushed back. As they have done many times before, the board unanimously approved renewing the deal.

The board also went back to a discussion from a previous meeting, climate control options for the town hall. The building does not have heating, with the board looking to change that as winter is coming. The topic also brought up a discussion about moving town hall to a new location. Alderman Matt Cordell asked Powers about a building previously discussed, but Powers said the owner was asking far too much money compared to what the town was willing to spend.

With two proposals on the table, one from Severt Heating and Air and the other from Blue Ridge Air, the board opted to take one last look at both before coming back to the table for a vote.

Town Clerk Sandy Roten brought up a recently formed bicycle and pedestrian planning committee, asking who from the board would be willing to join it. Powers, Roten and Alderman Jim Blevins agreed to join the committee.

One last piece of business was a new pedestrian walkway for the town. The town was presented with the opportunity to have a walkway built over a creek that intersects a natural trail across the street from town hall. The project would have a price tag of $750, with GLAD agreeing to pay half. The project was unanimously approved.

The next meeting of the Lansing Board of Aldermen will be Tuesday, Dec. 8.

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