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LANSING — The Lansing Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, Nov. 12, discussing everything from a new mirror to future advertising. Aldermen Cheyenne Blevins and Jack Brown were not in attendance.

Alderman Matt Cordell brought forth a proposal for the purchase of a new mirror at the turn into the Lansing Creeper Trail Park parking lot. Cordell brought with him quotes on how much a new mirror would cost, with Mayor Dylan Lightfoot very much in favor of the purchase. After discussing the options and giving every alderman in attendance the chance to look over the costs, the board voted 3-0 in favor of buying a new mirror, which will cost $90.95.

Town clerk Marcy Little gave the town’s tax report, which showed the town was doing as expected, and that the tax money was coming in at a good rate.

Touching on an item from the town’s previous meeting, the board voted in favor of paying the Greater Lansing Area Development group $400 to help pay for the new stage in the park. The payment had been brought up in October, but had to wait until every number was checked and it could be added to the agenda.

The board also discussed the money the town receives from the State Street-Aid (Powell Bill) Program from the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Little said that when she gets the chance, she will talk to NCDOT about the town receiving more money.

The board also agreed to have an ad in the 2020 Ashe County Chamber of Commerce guide. The board deliberated the size and style of the ad, opting to go with a half-page ad, leaving enough money in the advertising budgets for potential legal notices in the Ashe Post & Times.

The next part of the meeting was dedicated to a sign which had been sent to the town to put up in the barn in the Lansing Creeper Trail Park. Meant to honor a family that had donated for the park’s revitalization, the sign was worded in a way where it could be misconstrued that they paid for the barn alone.

The board were worried about how people would react to the sign, and the message they could see in it. After a long discussion about potential opportunities for ways to thank the people who helped the park become what it is today, the town decided Little would contact the family and ask for a sign that would make their donation more clear.

The next meeting of the Lansing Board of Aldermen will be Tuesday, Dec. 10.

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