LANSING — The Lansing Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, May 12, via Zoom video call, discussing the work of the Greater Lansing Area Development group and the reopening of town facilities. Aldermen Jack Brown and Cheyenne Blevins were not in attendance, while Alderman Jim Blevins joined late.

With only two of the five aldermen, no quorum could be achieved for almost 30 minutes of the meeting, meaning no votes could take place until Jim Blevins joined.

Maintenance supervisor Larry Blevins gave the board an update on the two bridge replacements scheduled to take place in and around the town in the coming months. Blevins said the Teaberry Bridge project has been delayed by N.C. DOT, due to the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic and the funding issues which have come from it. He said while a change in traffic patterns related to the replacement of the N.C. 194 bridge were expected Monday, May 18, no word had come in on whether the project itself would move forward in the expected time frame.

GLAD board president Dick Greenwood was also on-hand to update the board on the community organization’s work. Greenwood said there has been a push to reopen the Lansing Farmers Market, expecting it to happen in the days following the meeting. He added that GLAD would only be sponsoring one scholarship this year, instead of the usual two, due to the loss of funds that would have been generated by bingo games.

The board then reviewed the town’s proposed budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, with the plan to formally approve it at the next meeting Tuesday, June 9.

Next, the board discussed the possibility of reopening the town’s public restrooms in the Lansing Creeper Trail Park. Mayor Mack Powers voiced his concerns over the town’s capabilities to keep the bathrooms clean of the COVID-19 virus. After the doubt was also voiced by Alderman Matt Cordell, the decision was made to hold off on the reopening until the town could learn more about it from the health department.

Powers made a point to remind people of the importance of the 2020 census, saying that having concrete information about the people in the area would help the town with government funding, and be more knowledgeable going forward.

Finally, Town Clerk Marcy Little revealed that Brown had resigned via email, after which Powers thanked him for his years of service. Brown had not attended the previous meeting, also held through video call.

The next meeting of the Lansing Board of Aldermen will be held Tuesday, June 9.

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