Lansing Aldermen 7/14

The Lansing Board of Aldermen met in-person for the first time in four months July 14. Aldermen Teresa McCoy, Jim Blevins and Mayor Mack Powers kept their distance and masks on during the meeting.

LANSING — The Lansing Board of Aldermen held its monthly meeting Tuesday, July 14, in the barn in Lansing Creeper Trail Park, a departure from the online Zoom meetings they have been having since April. Alderman Cheyenne Blevins was not in attendance.

The board switched to online meetings due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with their April meeting, but opted to return to in-person meetings that require masks, social distancing and plenty of hand sanitizer.

The meeting included a word from Robert Rice, representing the Lost Province Center for Cultural Arts. On July 1, the LPCCA officially purchased the old Lansing school building, with plans to remodel it into a place of learning. Rice spoke to the board about some grant opportunities for the town, as well as to update them on the building’s purchase.

GLAD board president Dick Greenwood was also on-hand to let the board know what the community organization has been up to. Greenwood said that due to the pandemic, GLAD has not been able to bring in as much money as it normally would have at this time of year, but at the same time there is also no money going out.

During public comment, concerned citizen Brenda Reeves spoke to the board about ongoing complaints about A Street. Reeves said people have been speeding down the street as a way to get past slower vehicles in front of them or to avoid the stop light put in place as bridge construction begins.

“They have no regards for the residents on that street or the town when there’s a perfectly good highway for them to use,” Reeves said. “But they’re making it a shortcut and just speeding through there.”

She added there has been damage to not only her property, but others as well, and the lack of room on the street for two vehicles has led to stand offs and wrecks. The big issue she and the board pointed out is the inability to block off one end of the street permanently, as it would get in the way of emergency responders, but people have been moving temporary barricades to get by.

The town currently has a contract in-place to get the street repaved, with speed bumps planned for addition, but there were still concerns about how much it would help. Alderman Matt Cordell suggested a gate be added at the end of the street, with emergency responders having a key so it would not entirely impede them.

While the idea was warmly received, any decision was put off until the board’s August meeting, while the contract was looked at to possibly include a gate and the money aspect was figured out.

Also discussed was a community yard sale to be held two weeks before the new school year. While the board agreed with how beneficial it was to have one last year, they also said it would not be a good idea to hold one this year with the ongoing pandemic.

The next meeting of the Lansing Board of Aldermen will be Tuesday, Aug. 11.

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