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WILKESBORO — Wilkes Community College recently announced the addition of eight-week minimester course offerings. The goal of the eight-week minimesters is to provide students flexible options that meet their scheduling needs and allow them to focus on fewer courses at a time.

WCC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Yolanda Wilson and Director of Curriculum and Student Services Kendra Perkins provided some insight about the new, flexible course options.

Several general education courses will be offered in both eight-week and 16-week terms. According to Wilson, the eight-week minimesters allow students to complete course sequences in subjects such as English, Math and Science in a single semester.

The concept of eight-week courses is not new to the Ashe Campus of Wilkes Community College, as there have been math sequences such as Math 171 and Math 172 offered for several years with much success.

Perkins said this spring, classes offered at the Ashe Campus will be online but will be expanded to students in the Business Administration program taught by Instructor Sherry Shaw. There will be a Business 137 class offered the first eight weeks with a Business Ethics class offered the second eight weeks.

According to Wilson, the Main Campus has offered eight-week classes with face-to-face instruction on a smaller scale.

Wilson said that she recognizes that many WCC students are trying to balance work, family, personal responsibilities and school along with a desire to further their education.

“We knew that this was a time to think about doing minimesters, to an even larger degree versus a course here and a course there,” Wilson said. “We really knew that it was the time to think about how we can impact and support even more students by giving them more options.”

There will be almost 80 courses offered in the eight-week format this Spring along with the traditional 16 week classes. The intent is that students will be able to review the courses offered and create a schedule that works best for them.

“You do have some courses that fit beautifully into this eight week format, never sacrificing academic content, never sacrificing academic rigor,” Wilson said.

Wilson said she hopes this will be an attractive option for some students as it will allow them to focus on two or three classes at a time versus five or six at a stretch.

Perkins added that academic advisors at each campus will help both current and newly-enrolled students decide which classes will best suit their personal schedules.

“We want to be able to support our students in all of the different ways that we can,” Wilson said. “And we hope that offering these different scheduling options and opportunities will really encourage them to not only start, but finish.”

To access information about courses being offered in either the eight-week or 16-week format, visit the WCC website at wilkescc.edu and select the “Student Resources” tab. Select “Course Schedules” from the drop-down menu and “Spring Curriculum Schedule” from the list. When browsing or registering for Spring 2021 classes, students can choose to filter courses by the first eight-week block and the second eight-week block.

Those who are interested in enrolling as a student at WCC can do so by clicking on the “Getting Started” tab on the website’s home page.

For more information about WCC’s minimesters, call (336) 838-6100.

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