Tim Moore visit Ashe Co.

House Speaker Tim Moore visited Ashe County on Oct. 27 to show his support for Republican candidate Ray Pickett who is running for election to the N.C. House of Representatives to represent District 93. From Left: Ashe GOP Vice Chair Tom Breggar, Rep. Kelly Hastings, Ray Pickett, Rep. Tim Moore and Ashe GOP Chair Jonathan Jordan.

WEST JEFFERSON — NC House Speaker Tim Moore made a trip to Ashe County on Tuesday, Oct. 27, just one week prior to Election Day.

The purpose of the visit was to help ensure a win for Republican candidate Ray Pickett, who is running for election to the N.C. House of Representatives to represent District 93 against incumbent Democrat Ray Russell.

During his visit, Moore along with Pickett and Rep. Kelly Hastings who serves the 110th district had lunch at The Log House restaurant in downtown West Jefferson. Also in attendance were Ashe County Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Jordan and Vice Chairman Tom Breggar.

Following lunch, the group made their way to the Ashe County Agricultural Services Building to campaign at one-stop voting.

“Ashe County needs someone in the House fighting for Ashe County, not ignoring Ashe County,” Moore said.

He added that the county deserves better and Pickett will provide that option.

“The people of Ashe County also need to know that their legislator will support law enforcement and will make sure that their family’s safety and security is taken care of,” Moore said. “And unfortunately, Rep. Russell has aligned himself with the far-left and even went so far to sign onto a pledge calling to defund the police. That should never happen and the voters need to remember that when they vote.”

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