Lansing bridge to be replaced

NCDOT plans to replace the bridge across Old Field Branch on N.C. 194 in Lansing have been delayed due to problems with the water line and a misplaced utility pole.

LANSING — Initially expected to begin in April, work to replace a bridge across Old Field Branch on N.C. 194 in Lansing has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, according to NCDOT Division 11 Bridge Program Manager Joe Laws.

“Originally, it was believed that the town’s water line could be turned off in the area of construction while keeping service available to all residents and business owners,” Laws said in an email. “During testing of this, water service was lost by several customers. This resulted in a necessary redesign of the water line system before we could begin construction.”

According to Laws, NCDOT plans to install two valves near the bridge and test again to see if town residents still have water without the line in question before proceeding on the project. “If water service is not maintained, then we will have to install a temporary water line around the work area,” Laws said.Further delaying the bridge replacement, a utility pole that was relocated for the project is still in conflict with one end of the new culvert set to be installed, causing the line to require another relocation, which should be completed sometime in the next week or so, according to Laws.

“We are hopeful that we can begin construction in the next couple of weeks,” Laws said.

NCDOT is replacing the bridge with a three-barrel reinforced concrete box culvert, including new asphalt, curbs, gutters, pavement markings, drainage pipes, boxes and sidewalks in the approximately 550-foot stretch of construction, Laws said in March.

“No road closure will be needed,” Laws said in a previous email. “Periodic lane closures will be needed, but will be accomplished with flaggers and temporary traffic signals.”

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