New Ambulance at LSVFD

Pictured with the new ambulance at Laurel Springs VFD are Ashe County Commissioner Paula Perry, Lisa Dancy, LSVFD Assistant Chief Eric Dancy, Chief Morgan Reed, Ethan Todd, Rick Roark, Doug Helms, Cody Dancy and Jimmy Church.

LAUREL SPRINGS — The Laurel Springs Volunteer Fire Department recently added its first ambulance to be used in Ashe and Alleghany counties as a standby vehicle qualified to transport patients across the region.

The fully equipped vehicle will be under the operation of five emergency medical technicians in the department, as well as the addition of three others currently in the process of earning their EMT certification. LSVFD Chief Morgan Reed said the ambulance needs to undergo a state inspection, which should happen within the next few weeks, and then it will be in service.

“It’s going to be a blessing,” Jimmy Church of LSVFD said.

Church emphasized that the ambulance will be used only when the county puts the department on standby for Ashe Medics or Ashe County Rescue Squad.

“The public has to understand that just because this truck pulls up in the driveway doesn’t mean that we’re going to be able to transport,” Church said.

As a standby vehicle, LSVFD’s ambulance may respond to a call alongside other first responders, but it will only transport when other EMS is tied up on another call, Church explained.

With a significant increase in medical calls for the area, Church added that the ambulance is a much-needed asset for the department and will also be a big undertaking.

“If this can save one life, it will all be worth the work and efforts,” LSVFD said in a statement.

Church said that medical directors and county commissioners in both counties have fully supported the department’s efforts in adding the ambulance. According to Reed, the ambulance was donated by Ashe Medics.

“This’ll be handy out here in this area,” Ashe County Commissioner Paula Perry said, adding that it will allow for quicker response times and easier transport for patients in the Laurel Springs area.

For more information, contact LSVFD Chief Morgan Reed at (336) 359-8193.

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