ACSO patch

The new Ashe County Sheriff’s Office patch, designed by Ashe County Sheriff B. Phil Howell.

JEFFERSON — Since taking office in December 2018, Ashe County Sheriff B. Phil Howell has repeatedly spoken about making the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office more of an organization that is not just protecting the community, but a being a part of it as well.

The most recent move is an updated patch for members of the ACSO, which has been part of a larger image update for the office.

“We started updating the look as soon as we came into office,” Howell said. “Typically, sheriff’s offices focus on the badge, and we wanted to have a look that has a local, community and Ashe County look to it.”

After looking around for inspiration, the ACSO could not find something that really worked for them, so they did it themselves. Howell said it took a few weeks, but he was able to figure out the design and use input from deputies to solidify the badge’s design.

Howell said they wanted to incorporate icons of Ashe with a Christmas tree, the New River and the mountains, to really symbolize what the ACSO is all about, the community. He added the ACSO received permission to use “The Coolest Corner” from the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce, and the badge should be seen on the shoulder of more deputies in the coming weeks.

The ACSO has also started handing out challenge coins, and recently re-did the uniforms for jail staff.

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