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JEFFERSON — Schuster Physical Therapy is offering a progressive, personalized program for those recovering from COVID-19 to help them get back to the life they lived before they contracted the virus.

While the majority of people do not experience long-lasting effects from COVID, SPT staff is aware of several individuals, both old and young, who are experiencing profound physical implications.

Physical complications after COVID-19 can persist for months or even years. Such complications include impairments in muscle strength, heart and lung capacity, pain, balance, endurance and walking ability which lead to a loss of function and independence.

As doctoral-trained physical therapists, it is the mission of SPT to help the community to become stronger and return to doing what they love. The team is equipped to help individuals overcome challenges faced post-COVID-19, as well as anyone who is experiencing difficulty due to muscular weakness, fatigue, breathing concerns or balance issues.

Those receiving treatment can be confident that SPT’s assessment and recommended treatment plan will help them recuperate and reach their personal goals.

“We would like to stress that this program is not only for people who are recovering from COVID-19 but for others who may be feeling the effects of the change in lifestyle,” said PT, DPT/Owner Tracy-Lynn Schuster. “Many people have spent increased amounts of time inside the home recently.”

She added that another side effect of spending an increased amount of time indoors is decreased time in maneuvering on uneven ground, parking lots or walking up and down hills.

“If you feel yourself becoming unsteady when up and moving around or feel that you do not have as much confidence in your balance, a physical therapist can assist in regaining that stability and becoming as safe as possible,” Schuster said.

“We feel that the role a physical therapist can have in assisting someone recovering from COVID-19 or someone that may be experiencing the effects of spending more time at home, can be life changing,” said PT, DPT Nick Cameron. “Though COVID-19 is very new, and the amount of time indoors may be new, the problems arising are not new.”

Both Schuster and Cameron encourage those who experience any signs of respiratory or balance disorders, fatigue, muscle or joint pain to allow SPT to help them through rehabilitation.

The staff at SPT are driven to do their part in helping the people of Ashe County get back to their pre-COVID selves.

The team is available to help people, young and old, with any issues that they are facing as the community navigates the pandemic together.

For more information call SPT at (336) 846-7227 or visit the website at www.schusterpt.com to set up an appointment and we get moving in the right direction.

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