Bus 181 wreck

Ashe County Schools Bus 181 was towed to the transportation department’s garage behind Ashe County High School after a deer collided with its windshield during a wreck Wednesday, Aug. 28.

JEFFERSON — A two-vehicle wreck involving a school bus resulted in no injuries Wednesday, Aug. 28, after an oncoming vehicle struck a deer and propelled it into the windshield of Ashe County Schools Bus 181, according to ACS Transportation Director Shea Coldiron.

The wreck occurred around 7 a.m. on Deep Ford Road. According to the wreck report by N.C. State Highway Patrol Trooper G.N. Taylor, a 1995 Pontiac, driven by Rebecca J. Buckles, traveled east on Deep Ford Road and collided with a deer. The impact of the collision caused the deer to be launched into the air, striking the windshield of Bus 181 as it traveled west on Deep Ford Road.

The bus was transporting students to Ashe County Middle School and High School, Coldiron said. No students were injured in the wreck. The bus driver, Daniel Miller, suffered some cuts from the wreck, Coldiron said.

A second school bus was sent out to the location of the wreck, and Coldiron said that Miller completed his route on the other bus. Coldiron added that Miller has driven for the ACS transportation department for more than 15 years.

According to the wreck report, the estimated cost of damage to the school bus was $2,000, and it was not considered drivable. The estimated cost of damage to the Pontiac was also $2,000, and it was considered drivable.

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