Billy J. Brown

Billy J. Brown

JEFFERSON — A West Jefferson man was charged on Wednesday, Oct. 31, with assault with deadly weapon, government official, according to the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office.

Billy J. Brown, 73, was released the same day under a $15,000 unsecured bond.

According to the warrant for his arrest, Brown held a four-foot long metal pipe as if it were a baseball bat in a threatening manner, aimed at West Jefferson Police Department Chief Jeff Rose. At the time, Rose, along with another officer, were assisting the town of West Jefferson’s water treatment workers.

Rose said that due to the ongoing investigation and upcoming trial, the Ashe County District Attorney’s Office has advised him to not go into too much detail about the situation on the record. He did however say that the situation could have ended differently, and he’s happy it didn’t.

“I’m glad that a very dangerous situation was able to be resolved without anyone being hurt or a worse tragedy,” Rose said.

At the West Jefferson Aldermen meeting on Monday, Nov. 5, Alderman Stephen Shoemaker made a point to commend Rose on how he handled this situation after Rose gave the monthly police report.

“I’d like to say a word to the chief, to the board, what a professional job the chief did, handling the little episode not to be mentioned last Monday,” Shoemaker said. “He did it very professionally and I’d like to commend him for the fine work that he did and he kept things at a bare minimum.”

Part of Brown’s release order is that he is not allowed to be within 250 feet of Rose or Rose’s property, and to not harass or threaten Rose.

The Ashe Post and Times will provide updates as they are made available.

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Rose has had a beef with Bill since Bill's daughter helped expose the wreck of Buchanan who Rose helped appoint......This article leaves out a lot of information. Including the fact that Chief Rose did not feel endangered enough to arrest Bill at the time of the incidence. In fact Bill willingly surrendered the pipe to another West Jefferson officer. Colvard Oil had had a series of thefts and recently fenced off their property. No warrant was presented, and they had no business being inside the fenced area. Hopefully the judge sees the truth of all this and tosses this case.

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