ASHE COUNTY — Polls are closed, unofficial midterm election results are rolling in, and the people have elected their local, state and federal representatives for the offices up for vote in midterm elections 2018.

Unofficial Ashe County elections results are as follows:

Precincts reporting: 17, plus one-stop early voting and absentee


U.S. House of Representatives District 5

Virginia Foxx: 7926

D.D. Adams: 3808


N.C. State Senate District 45

Wes Luther: 3575

Deanna Ballard: 7915

N.C. House of Representatives District 93

Jonathan Jordan: 7089

Ray Russell: 4489


District Attorney District 34

Tom E. Horner: 8839


Board of Commissioners

Rex Goss: 4397

Todd A. McNeill: 8039

William Sands: 6554

Richard C. Blackburn: 5188

Larry Dix: 6723

Clerk of Superior Court

Pam W. Barlow: 9509

Register of Deeds 

Deaett Roten: 8236


B. Phil Howell: 5968

J.E. (Bucky) Absher: 5760

Board of Education

Todd Holden: 2451

Steve Johnson: 4201

Penny Johnson-Brittain: 3227

Polly S. Jones: 4222

Paul Marenco: 903

Keith McClure: 5355

Terry A. Williams: 3271

Dianne Eldreth: 5349

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

Ryan Huffman: 6762

Terry Munday: 5914


N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 1

Barbara Jackson: 4729

Christopher Anglin: 2762

Anita Earls: 3629

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 1

Andrew T. Heath: 7271

John S. Arrowood: 3810

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 2

Jefferson G. Griffin: 4885

Tobias (Toby) Hampson: 3376

Sandra Alice Ray: 2458

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 3

Chuck Kitchen: 6884

Michael Monaco, Sr.: 730

Allegra Katherine Collins: 3435

N.C. District Court Judge District 23 Seat 1

Robert Crumpton: 8145

N.C. District Court Judge District 23 Seat 2

William Brooks: 7862

N.C. District Court Judge District 23 Seat 3

David V. Byrd: 7880


Hunt & Fish amendment

For: 8324

Against: 3102

Victims’ rights amendment

For: 8170

Against: 3076

Income tax amendment

For: 7738

Against: 3526

Voter ID amendment

For: 7695

Against: 3678

Judicial vacancies amendment

For: 4035

Against: 6715

Elections board amendment

For: 4502

Against: 6351

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