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JEFFERSON — The Ashe County Board of Commissioners held its regularly scheduled meeting on June 1 at 9 a.m. on the third floor of Ashe County Courthouse.

There was not a meeting space available for the public to attend due to COVID-19, but the meeting was streamed live on the Ashe County Government website and is available for the public to watch at their leisure.

There were no public comments during the meeting.

Ashe County Manager Adam Stumb presented the CARES Act Plan for submission to the state.

The proposed grand total for this coronavirus relief plan for the county is $692,602. There expenditures categories include medical expenses, public health expenses, payroll expenses, expenses of actions which facilitate compliance with COVID-19 related public health measures, expenses associated with the provision of economic support due to the virus and grants to municipalities and nonprofits.

In terms of grants to municipalities and nonprofits, the proposed amount for both the Town of West Jefferson and the Town of Jefferson is $6,926.02. For the Town of Lansing the proposed amount is $3,463.01. The proposed grant amounts for Wilkes Community College is $13,852.04 and Ashe County Schools is $69,260.20. Finally, the proposed grant amount for Ashe Services for Aging is $13,852.04.

Proposed amounts for grants for healthcare providers are $34,630.10 for Ashe Memorial Hospital and $176,613.51 for AppHealthCare.

It is important to note that these are all “preliminary distribution” amounts among community partners and the BOC may change any amount prior to final approval.

There will be a deadline for the agencies to spend the money, which Stumb anticipates to possibly be Oct. 31.

The meeting in its entirety along with each presentation and its accompanying attachments can be found by visiting, clicking on the “commissioners” tab and selecting “Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos.”

The Ashe County Board of Commissioners began holding the FY2020-21 County Budget work sessions immediately following the meeting on June 1 and the meetings ran through June 2.

The meetings were held in the conference room at the Agricultural Services Building on the Ashe County Courthouse Campus. There is no meeting place where members of the public can be physically present and no public comment period during the work sessions.

The public will have the opportunity to comment on the proposed budget at the June 15 regular meeting of the commissioners. The county said it is making every effort possible to ensure that the public is able to view this meeting while maintaining statutory requirements and keeping the public and staff safe.

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