JEFFERSON — A special drive-by celebration for seniors in the JROTC program at Ashe County High School was held at the Ashe County Courthouse Circle on May 15. There was a large turnout as parents, family members, friends and community members came out to celebrate and recognize these seniors in a special way.

The event was organized by two JROTC parents, Cara Elliott and April Sullivan. The Ashe County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff B. Phil Howell helped organize and sponsor the event.

Those participating in the drive-by began lining up in their cars at the parking lot behind Hardees at 5:30 p.m. At 6 p.m. the line of cars, escorted by the Sheriff’s Office made its way up Government Circle Road adjacent to Burger King before circling around to the front of the courthouse where the cadets were lined up on the sidewalk.

Once they made their way to the front of the courthouse, people in their cars waved, cheered and held signs congratulating the seniors. Some cars were decked out with American Flags and balloons and had messages written in window marker.

JROTC cadets who were present were Drake Elliott, Faith Greer, Dylan Little, Alex Faw, Bethany Bare, Montana Rose, Zac Somers, Morgan Liszka, Savannah Lewis, Torin Potter, Dixie Barker, Sarah Culp and Richard Osborne.

The 13 JROTC seniors present lined up, spaced 6 feet apart, on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse and were directed by Adam Elliott.

Prior to lining up, the cadets gathered around Howell as he presented them each with a gift which contained a picture frame with a tassel holder.

Parents of cadets were allowed to park their vehicle after circling around the courthouse as the cadets were given a professional photo opportunity by Brian Blanco, administrative coordinator at ASCO.

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