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WILKESBORO — Wilkes Community college closed all campuses the week of March 16-22 in a response to the COVID-19 outbreak. In an update to their website on March 20, Wilkes Community College announced that it converted all courses online effective March 23.

According to the update, the following programs are exempt from restrictions to online instruction only:

Basic Law Enforcement Training

Emergency Medical & Rescue Training


Certified Nursing Assistant

Respiratory Therapy

Clinicals, Labs, Simulations Associated with Above

According to information posted on the website, Registered Apprenticeship students should follow protocol of their places of employment.

Instructors for explicitly exempted programs are encouraged to use face-to-face instruction only for labs, clinicals or incidents where face-to-face classroom instruction is required.

If face-to-face instruction is used, the following conditions must be met:

With the exception of clinicals all classes must be held in a WCC-managed facility.

Students and faculty follow appropriate social distancing and safety measures.

Students are willing to participate and are not penalized if they opt to delay instruction.

Students are provided appropriate personal protective equipment, if applicable. (Example: If a clinical location is giving masks to their nurses, our nursing students should be given the same devices.)

Additional information and updates can be found on the website at www.wilkescc.edu/COVID-19.

A video message to students from WCC President, Dr. Jeff Cox is also available on the website.

“We’re more than likely just at the beginning of a long journey with this pandemic over the coming months, but we’ll work together to overcome the challenges that are ahead of us. There may be changes to how and when your class are conducted,” Cox said in the video. “Your instructors will do their best to adjust. I want to thank you in advance for being patient with them just as they’re gonna be patient with you during this transition.”

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