I first met Bill when I was only a year removed from the rough and tumble offshore oil industry of the early 80’s. I was just curious as to how log homes were built and volunteered to help on my brothers house. At the end of the day I had a job offer. Who could have imagined that this would become an almost thirty year career.

Bill was extremely demanding and particular about the craftsmanship that went into his log homes. His philosophy was “if I am satisfied my customer will love it” held true for the ten years I worked for Bill.

He could be disagreeable and harsh at times and had no time for fools. His abrupt manner tended to put some people off but he would not tell you a lie and would rather loose money than have someone think he was cheating them. Bill and I had our differences over the years and had almost daily arguments but he also encouraged me to get my contractor’s license and step out on my own. We were both very stubborn and hard headed but it worked.

All those years with Bill had a lot to do with how I tried to lead my life. We were very close and, for the few who really knew him, that was a special relationship. I knew he always had my back no matter what. He was absolutely loyal to anyone he considered his friend as well as family. I was fortunate to get to know his brothers and sister over the years, not to mention his wife Debbie, who worked with us.

To his daughters Alicia and Pam and his son Jimmy, I want you to know how much Bill meant to me. I will forever have a void in my life without him, he meant as much to me as my own father and I loved him greatly.

Rest In Peace.