A couple of reminders from our local law officers are especially important to note this week.

First, about Halloween — and this one isn’t for the children out trick-or-treating, but for all those of us past the age of door-to-door candy solicitation.

Halloween masks are notoriously hard to see through. Even those with the best eye holes restrict a child’s line of sight considerably. For the moat part, what’s straight ahead is what a child will see. Which means, you will probably see them long before they will see you.

On Halloween night, take it slower than you normally would because of this. Exercise your patience and tolerance for little ones roaming the neighborhood with the type of excitement that doesn’t always lead to the best judgment. Let’s all work together to keep our children safe.

And on the subject of safety — how secure is your identity? If you’re one of the masses who leaves your ID or credit cards or other important paperwork in your vehicle, that answer is actually not very safe at all. A recent spate of break-ins in the High Country have prompted the police to remind us that leaving such items in your car or truck makes vehicles a “gold mine for identity theft.”

So, take the wallet with you.

And, we’re reminded, don’t forget to lock your vehicle and not leave valuables in plain sight.

But, you already knew all this. We’re just passing along a few simple — but vitally important — tips from those whose job it is to keep us all safe.

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