With Tuesday’s elections following what seemed to be a longer-than-usual, and certainly more-divisive-than-usual political season, the winners are clear — and we’re not talking about only the candidates.

If you took time to vote — early, absentee or on Election Day — you are a winner.

If you were a candidate who ran a just and unflagging race — you are a winner.

If you campaigned fairly for a candidate — you are a winner.

If you were a poll worker or another volunteer who assisted with our most civic of duties — you are a winner.

Each of you, whether or not you or your choices earned the most votes, are winners who helped define the word, democracy — a definition many across the world would love to be able to apply to their own forms of less-than-representative governments.

And now that we have this winning momentum, the path is clear: No matter the actual top vote-getters of individual races, we have constructed a new foundation at every level — a foundation that must be built upon today with contributions from all.

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