School violence, vandalism and incidents of harassment are appearing throughout the nation, and while Ashe County has been more fortunate than other communities, it is not immune.

It was just lost school year that written threats were discovered in our middle school, and not in an isolated incident.

For an effort to advance safety on school grounds, Ashe County Schools is to be recognized for increasing its video technology by placing additional security camera in key areas of each of our seven schools.

With much improved equipment, school officials and law officers now have the ability to view certain locations remotely and online — creating in effect a proactive approach versus the reactive method of working backward from a crime or incident that has already happened. It is unfortunate that such measures must be taken, but the schools that our students enter today are not the schools of even a generation ago.

Because of this, as administrators continue to explore ways to make our schools safer — card access, codes and other options — we view the new technology as a positive step.

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