Who doesn’t love a good awards recognition program?

But even more, how much better is that program when it involves a large portion of Ashe County?

The Ashe County Board of Education recently recognized outstanding teachers and students during its monthly meeting.

Indeed, there was so much recognition that the gathering involved musical entertainment (the Ashe County High School Jazz Ensemble, Ashe County Middle School Chorus and an old-time music trio featuring Ashe County’s finest), a reception and so many honors doled out that the whole thing had to be held in the high school’s auditorium.

Public recognitions such as this are important. They not only give credence to the hard — and often lonely and long — work of studying, grading, planning and striving, they do something more. They serve as a window for us on the outside looking in at all of the accomplishments of both our rising young adults and the adults who continue to rise every day.

Ambition is not something easily taught, but it is easily modeled — and it’s something we can all recognize. Ambition and its first cousin, success, were prominently on display during this event Feb. 4.

A well-done to all who achieved honor and recognition that day, and also to our school board for planning and executing such an important event.

Tom Mayer is the executive editor of Mountain Times Publications, a group of five news newspapers, six websites and one monthly periodical in the High Country of North Carolina.

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