When did we forget to lose graciously?

This question actually includes an oxymoron — to lose is something that doesn’t happen anymore, let alone “lose gracefully.” Many of our school systems don’t give failing marks so “little Johnny” won’t feel inferior. He never learns how to lose.

Fifty years ago, a failing mark might have motivated “little Johnny” to work and study harder to improve his grades. Today, he’s given a passing grade and doesn’t have to work harder. A few generations of this way of thinking has brought us into the “not knowing how to lose” era.

I am a registered “independent” voter which gives me more flexibility during the “primary” elections. Two years ago at the time of the 2016 presidential election, I voted for Donald Trump. I’m the first to admit that he would not have been my 1st choice for the Republican nominee. Most nominees say things, while campaigning, they think the people want to hear. Trump said things he felt would be in the best interest of the United States. He is carrying through on his campaign promises. He has lowered unemployment, reduced taxes, brought religious freedom to the forefront. He is living out his promises to our country and our country is on the slow rise to “becoming great again.” Now we come to Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court justice. He has an impeccable record as a judge and as a human being.

Now, enter Christine Blasey Ford with her “sexual misconduct” allegations. It’s more than timely that these allegations have lay smoldering in her subconscious for 35 years just to “pop out” at the exact time of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

During the years, there have been 7-8 FBI investigations into his past, turning up no evidence to support Ford’s allegations. Is it just “bad luck for Ford” that her witnesses who were said to be present on the night in question cannot corroborate her allegations?Let’s play a hypothetical game – and I mean purely hypothetical: Suppose that as a junior in high school, Kavanaugh did get drunk and pull off some girl’s clothes. I can personally remember guys in my high school class who had bad reputations. Fortunately, many of those guys matured and went on to become successful lawyers, doctors or pastors. But, Kavanaugh didn’t have this reputation because there is no evidence to hold against him. I felt justifiably angry at people sitting in front of the Supreme Court while the vote for confirmation of Kavanaugh was taking place. I’m wondering (not really) what political party they are associated with. I would like to know what they are protesting since there is no evidence against Kavanaugh.

No, they are voting right along with the party who has not given Trump a chance. They are dividing our country — not Trump!

Cinda Williamson

Banner Elk

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