Columnist John Hood would if he could. Get a real job that is! We have way too many paid talking and writing heads in America, who will spew almost anything off the top of their heads.

And, your favorite contributor, John Hood is one of those in my opinion. He would do this or not do that if he were in power, but he’s not and likely never will be. Talk is cheap and easy! Anyone of any intellect at all can postulate or criticize this or that and never contribute anything of real value to any given situation or existing set of circumstances on a local, state or national level.

Yes, I fully understand that I’m free to ignore Mr. Hood’s editorials, which I usually do after reading the first three or four sentences and see that he’s going down the same old boring arch-conservative path.

How about giving us a break and providing some different viewpoints to read other than Mr. Hood’s constant stream of conservative political blather. “John Hood, John Hood, John Hood” is getting a bit tiresome and long in the tooth. How about giving us some fresh viewpoints to chew on for a change and maybe even some from the other side of the political spectrum would be quite refreshing and appreciated for a change. Well, that’s my two-cents worth for what it’s worth!

J. Grant Mastin

Deep Gap

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