I am very concerned about the fact that Congress is using health care for a political football. In an affluent nation such as the USA, health care should not be regarded as a privilege, but a right. Many members of Congress (such as Rep. Virginia Foxx) wear their religion on their sleeves proudly declaring that they are Christians, I guess it doesn’t hurt that it’s a vote-getter in the Bible belt. Well here’s a simple formula for universal health care.

1. Get a large slab of granite take a chisel and mallet then carve these words: All people regardless of their financial or economic circumstances shall have access to whatever health care is appropriate to their disorder or disease at no charge.

2. The plan shall be funded thus:

Individuals whose gross income is less than $50,000 per annum make no contribution. Those whose gross incomes are $50,000 or more will contribute 2 percent of their gross annual income (no tax loopholes).

3. The monies acquired shall be dispersed by an inviolable trust which will also insure that any surplus funds are invested in a conservative interest bearing source. No health fund monies to be used in any areas other than the health fund proper.

For the record, there is nothing being discussed on either side of the aisle in either house that is moral or remotely Christian. Maybe one of these good Christians can show me where in the New Testament Jesus submitted a bill to anyone he healed.

Mike Sawyer

West Jefferson

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