It was Friday the 13th and I was substituting at Ashe County High School. Not an unusual day, just following the teacher’s instructions as I have for the last 18 years. The first period was for planning and as a sub I had nothing to plan so I started a slow walk down one of the halls and was treated to a lovely melody coming from I did not know where.

I stopped a student, assuming she had a hall pass, and inquired as to the source of this music. She informed me it was likely coming from the room of the Ashe High Huskies Chorus. Being quite bold, which comes with age, I ventured into the room from which the melodies were flowing. Surprise awaited me as I burst forth into a room of delightful students and their friendly teacher. As I backed from the room I apologized for interrupting and expressed my great delight at the pleasantness these young students brought to my morning. Thus, the point of this letter.

More often than not, our focus is in the arena of high school activities that are football, basketball and sports of all types. It is also a source of great joy when our students achieve high regards in the field of academics. Scholarships are a source of great pride, as well as community service. However, there is a great, seldom mentioned, often overlooked aspect of academia that deserves acknowledgement, and this is the area of beautiful voices blending to bring joy and peace into an otherwise hectic world.

And to this I extend my great appreciation to the chorus of Ashe County High School and to their dedicated teacher, for bringing a little light into what could have been a rather routine day.

Kershaw Getty


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