On Saturday morning, Aug.19, my husband, just weeks past his knee replacement surgery, was walking on the sidewalk across from the West Jefferson Farmer’s Market when he accidentally fell, even though he was using a cane and wearing a knee brace. Many people rushed over to help, including those from the Log House Restaurant, even in the midst of a busy lunch hour in the restaurant.

Two men helped him to his feet and set him down on a bench, and one tried to reach me on his cell phone; however, I was shopping at the farmers market and did not hear the phone. This same very kind gentleman remembered he had parked next to us about a block away, and he went back to his truck and waited for me to return from shopping so he could direct me to my injured husband.

When I saw the scrapes on his face and the blood on his knee, my first thought was, “Oh, no, he has damaged his surgical knee and he will require more surgery!” But kind people surrounded us and encouraged us that the injuries were probably not as bad as they appeared. Again, kind people helped him get into our car, and they expressed many heartfelt good wishes.

Determining a visit to the emergency department might be premature, we went to People’s Drug to purchase bandages, tape and whatever else pharmacist Aletha Eller thought we might need. Seeing my distress, Eller offered to take a look at my husband, and I gladly accepted her offer. She not only took a look. but also she removed the bloodied Ace bandage and the knee brace and then redressed the affected area, all the while giving assurance that all would be well.

Her husband, Brad (who, together with his wife own and manage both People’s Drug and Louise’s Sweet Tea), pitched in to help, bringing an ice pack and assisting his wife. When the work was finished and Brad escorted us to our car, his final words to us were from the Bible, that adversity makes us stronger people.

Our adversity also made us very grateful for the many kind people in Ashe County who go out of their way to help others.

Sandra and Jerry Wilkes

West Jefferson

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