Just how naïve can people be? During Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court justice nomination hearing he gave a very convincing performance of righteous outrage. If he truly was an innocent man being wrongly accused, why did he not demand a full-blown investigation to clear his name with the results to be made public? His evasive answer when challenged to ask for a FBI inquiry was to say in effect that he would accede to the wishes of the committee, well we all know of whom that committee consists. It is fairly evident that his reasons for not demanding a full-blown transparent inquiry was: 1. Dr. Ford’s allegations would be proven. 2. In the course of such an inquiry other things might be brought to light that would go against him. 3. All of the above.

As to the Republicans’ claims that the anti-Kavanaugh demonstrations are mob actions well, the birth of this nation was in part brought about by mob action. The Boston Massacre was caused by British reaction to a mob action. Mob action is usually ignited when people feel the system has failed them and that their well being and viewpoints are of no concern to the powers that be.

Mike Sawyer

West Jefferson

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