Pat Buchanan’s “Is Flynn’s defection a death blow” (Dec. 6) is a despicable attempt to thwart Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s blatant, multi-pronged, successful attacks on our democracy during the 2016 elections. Flynn plead guilty to a felony from lying to the FBI, but Buchanan dismisses that as “water over the dam.”

Intelligence experts know that Russia will continue these attacks, especially since Donald Trump has personally made zero effort to prevent them, nor even uttered a negative word towards Russia or Putin.

This should not be a partisan issue as Republicans are making it — at the very least because the next attacks could favor a Democrat.

Buchanan also states this is a “media-Mueller-Democrat-deep state” conspiracy? The fact is the established media, which includes reporters who have been injured or killed doing their jobs overseas, should be congratulated for letting us know what’s going on.

We are fortunate to have Robert Mueller as special prosecutor investigating this election assault — someone who is extremely highly thought of on both sides of the aisle, and certainly not involved in some conspiracy. Republican Mueller was appointed by President George Bush to head the FBI in 2001, confirmed by the Senate 98-0, and served two more years from 2011 to 2013 at President Barack Obama’s request — the longest serving FBI Director since Edgar Hoover. He was a Marine rifle platoon commander in Vietnam, receiving numerous awards, including a Purple Heart.

Let Robert Mueller do his job!

Bert Bowe


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