Listening to President Donald Trump’s latest rant, I began to wonder, why is he so intent on banning immigrants from countries that might be sources of terrorists? On a whim, he had Chad placed on his list, an act which may well have been the cause of Sgt. La David Johnson’s death in Niger. After being placed on Trump’s list, Chad withdrew its anti-terrorist troops from Niger, the presence of the Chadian troops might well have preempted the actions of those terrorists.

Then I considered the one glaring absence on Trump’s list, Saudi Arabia! Didn’t the 911 terrorists originate from there? Oh yes, but then I realized that our revered president has extensive business interests in Saudi Arabia. How could 3000-plus deaths possibly be of more concern than Donald J. Trump’s personal fortune?

Mike Sawyer

West Jefferson

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Please Mr. Sawyer, if you are so unhappy here, why not return to your home in Great Britain? President Trump is our duly elected leader and I am pretty happy with his performance thus far. Your continuous 'fake news' letters to the newspaper sound like nothing more than liberal whining rants and reveal you as just another sore loser. Can you not accept the fact that the majority elected our President and support his agenda? Give him a chance and quit quoting fake news and making twisted innuendos to suit your personal version of reality.

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