How much lower can Trump go? Our commander in chief, President Donald Trump calls the family of a fallen soldier and allegedly minimizes his sacrifice. I doubt very much that Sgt. La David T. Johnson knew what he was actually signing up for. Someone of Johnson’s caliber would have signed up believing he would be protecting the freedoms and principles that this country was founded on.

During his presidential campaign, Trump obliquely suggested that prisoners of war were cowards and insulted Sen. John McCain. Despite his rants about disrespecting the flag and the national anthem, his patriotism is merely a veneer intended to obscure the fact that he views the USA as a source of personal wealth and power and nothing more. If he has to give some handouts to his robber baron cronies and let some crumbs drop to his lackeys in order to increase his wealth and power well, the middle and working class taxpayers can foot the bill.

As much as I cringe when I hear politicians pontificating on what the founding fathers might have thought or said about current happenings I will stick my neck out and say, “right now they would be weeping inconsolably!”

Mike Sawyer

West Jefferson

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