I would like to commend your staff, especially reporters Kayla Lasure and Ben Cogsdale, for their coverage of the funeral of Sgt. Dillon Baldridge.

Lasure, Cogsdale and the Ashe Mountain Times handled the coverage of an immensely difficult and important story with poise and professionalism that does a great credit to your publication and to this community.

It is my hope that the powerful images and words brought to readers through your coverage will allow others to share in this story and to honor Sgt. Baldrige and his family for their profound sacrifice.

Stories like this one aren’t easy to read, and they certainly aren’t easy to report. I hope you’ll share my appreciation with Lasure and Cogsdale for their admirable work. A reporter’s job is a tough and often thankless one, but I’d readily stack their coverage against any community journalist in this state.

Garrett Price


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