When are we going to drain Ashe County’s swamp?

Just when I thought that Ashe County’s government could not get more corrupt, they come up with yet another shady deal. These commissioners who we elected to protect our interests allowed a member of the board to become a paid county employee reporting to the county manager.

When the sheriff retired instead of having his deputy fill the position until a new sheriff could be elected they appointed Terry Buchanan. When their appointee got himself and the county embroiled in various dubious legal situations, instead of firing him they supported him. But it gets even better, they allowed him to resign with their blessing and $71,404.41 of the taxpayer’s money in his pocket. What I find apart from magnitude of the commissioners malfeasance is that it is so blatant, it’s like they’re saying to Ashe County taxpayers, “So what are you going to do about it?”

Is it possible that Ashe County voters might shake off their apathy and get out and vote them out of office as they come up for election? You know that their families, friends and fellow churchgoers will turn out to vote for them, judging by the abysmal turnout in recent elections that’s what accounts for about 85 percent of the votes cast.

However if enough people got out and cast their votes we could eventually drain the swamp, or is that asking too much?

Mike Sawyer

West Jefferson

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