As recent Ashe County residents, we just wanted to take a moment to thank and acknowledge some of the folks who have made our transition to Jefferson a very pleasant and great experience.

First of all, thank you to Sheriff Phil Howell and his deputies for always making us feel safe and for knowing they are just a tenth of a mile away from us. Thank you Penny Miller at the Sheriff’s Department for helping us with our concealed carry permit.

Thank you to everyone at the driver’s license office for their good humor and help in renewing our licenses. Thank you to Jerrita Roark with Ashe High Country Real Estate for showing us the home we bought at the last minute one evening. Thank you to Jonathan Jordan and Tammie Coffey for taking care of us legally in the purchase of our home.

Thank you to Carol Winebarger, Charity Shatley, Dan McMillan, Kayla Jones, Terry Miller and Marcus Eldreth at the Town of Jefferson for all their patience and help as we moved into the city limits of Jefferson.

Thank you to Joyce Reedy at Barks & Bubbles for helping us with our two furbabies. Thank you to Jamie Hampton at Ashe Animal Hospital for making the transition easier for our furbabies Dick and Jane.

Thank you to Terry, Jeff, Joey and all the folks at Parker Tie for helping us with little details. Thank you to Sean Turnmire at the Inspections office for helping us with our carport permit. Thank you to Dr. Joel Yates and his staff for all their help and humor as we moved near their office.

Thank you to Priscilla Norris for answering so many of our questions about the town. Thank you to Felicia Busic for her help with setting up our phone, internet and cable. Thank you to Chris, Debbie and the rest of the folks at the Jefferson Post Office making sure we actually received all our mail and packages.

Thank you to Bill and Billy at Blue Ridge Air for taking care of our AC and furnace needs. Thank you to Johnny Maltba at City Electric Supply for helping us with our electrical needs. Thank you to Karen Lambert at Creative Hairstyles for keeping us looking good. Thank you to Jennifer and Andy at Blue Ridge Electric for all their help as we moved. Thank you to our new neighbors Randy, Louie and Sandy.

We could go on and on with our thank yous, but these are just a few that stand out above and beyond as we transitioned from Wilkes County into Ashe County. Everyone has been kind, courteous and patient with us as we moved into the Town of Jefferson and we sincerely thank each of you and pray for God’s blessings upon you all.

If we can ever help you with anything, please don’t hesitate to get up with us.

Quinn and Debbie Hineman


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