In reply to the letter, “Ray Pickett needs to answer the question” (July 8): Black lives do matter, including the black children recently murdered by criminals in the last few weeks. If the Black Lives Matter organization truly believed that all black lives matter, they’d be protesting the inter-city violence taking countless black lives in liberal controlled cities including Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Baltimore and others.

But they don’t care about black lives or anyone’s life. They are a Marxist group whose only goal is to spread disruption and chaos throughout the United States. Unfortunately, many otherwise intelligent individuals are blind to their true purpose, and liberal politicians and national media are either afraid to challenge them, or they also promote the destruction in our cities hoping that it will damage the conservative political movement.

Inter-city neighborhoods need more police protection, not less. Certainly, police departments need to do a better job of purging their ranks of rogue cops, but reducing funding and demoralizing our law enforcement officers by vilifying them will result in more violence against all of us, not less, as evidenced by the rapid increase in violent crime in the above liberal cities.

Jim Steele

West Jefferson

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