As we are led to believe that we are facing a country filled with many issues and faults, I find it very curious that we consistently fail to attack the main problem. This is no more true than what has occurred during this supposed “crackdown” on systemic, corporate, educational and individual racism that has taken place over the past few months.

As the people of America have relentlessly attacked the police forces for their alleged constant acts of “racism, crimes against humanity and unjust punishment,” they fail to realize that judging an entire orchard based on a few rancid grapes is the exact same act of prejudice they claim to be speaking out against in the form of systemic racism.

In fact, this entire “revolution” has me scratching my head about what this movement is actually about, because many organizations that have been well-established with roots of eugenics, prejudice, human injustice, and public indecency have gone entirely untouched, while companies, local businesses and people who do honest work and treat others fairly seem to be the ones unfairly put in the forefront of attack.

All of what has occurred points to the idea that this entire system is based on agenda, an agenda to rid the country of fair law enforcement, civility and the freedom of expression. I am very much a person who seethes at the idea of racial injustice. People such as Derek Chauvin have no excuse for their awful actions, but judging the entire police force over an estimated 25 unjust African American killings in the whole year of 2019 is a gross overgeneralization of human nature and tendency. I would love to see that number shrink to zero, and I wish that any unjust killing by an officer to a man of any color would be punished to the first degree. However, abolishing the United States police force is no way of doing this reasonably. In fact, more people of color will die because of an absence of police.

According to a New York Post article by Heather MacDonald, in 2019, homicides of African Americans went down by 120 from 2018 in New York due to the actions of police being more involved in minority residential zones. That’s almost five times the lives saved compared to lives taken without justification, from one state alone. This does not justify the killings that occurred, but puts into perspective how much for granted we have taken the police in our country.

It’s time we give the police the respect and honor they deserve. Yes, there are terrible men in uniform out there, but I know for a fact that a vast majority of the people brave enough to wear the badge are kindhearted individuals who would lay their life down for the safety and well-being of the American people. That even includes those who riot against them.

John Desautels


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