D.G. Martin’s column in the Oct. 7 issue of Ashe Post & Times (”Fighting for America”) was so breathtaking that it needs a rebuttal. Martin spent several hundred words to reach a pretty base conclusion: If you vote for Donald Trump you are a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobe. In Martin’s view, the only good Tar Heels are those voting for Biden because “some of us want America to be open and tolerant, a country that welcomes the participation of people of all colors, backgrounds, sexual orientation and national origin.”

Martin might have just as well called those who differ from his vision “a basket of deplorables,” the slur the 2016 Democratic candidate labeled 70 million people who voted to make sure she never got the power she demanded and dreamed of wielding.

The reason President Trump was elected in 2016 are the same reasons his supporters will vote for him in 2020. He has not spent his life in Washington continually promising to fix things (but never doing) like Biden has done for 47 years. Within months of coming into office, Trump lowered taxes, cut regulations, went after our enemies who were trying to kill us and went after our allies who were using us as a financial sugar daddy to finance their own defenses. He brought back the manufacturing jobs that past presidents assured us would never return. He ordered missions to kill people who threatened us from Russian mercenaries to ISIS leaders. He took us out of the disastrous Paris Accord on climate change — a document designed specifically to cripple our economy.

Under Trump, employment reached new highs for everyone — minorities, women and every single sexual orientation slice of life that Martin values so much. Trump didn’t see voting blocks. He saw people needing jobs. His actions brought back those jobs. In the process, everyone’s investments — even Martin’s — jumped in value.

Trump is a rude, crude, inarticulate man with a huge ego and a roughshod way of running the nation’s government. I can live with that type of man being president. Has he made mistakes in his four years in office? Sure. But, until COVID-19 came along — perhaps by chance or perhaps by design to hamper the President’s reelection — Trump had made America great. I think he can do it again.

If nothing else, Trump’s reelection will irritate Martin for another four years. I can live with that, too.

Clint Johnson


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Tom Mayer is the executive editor of Mountain Times Publications, a group of five news newspapers, six websites and one monthly periodical in the High Country of North Carolina.

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