On Jan. 6, our nation’s Capitol was besieged by a lawless mob that was incited by President Donald Trump.

Many Republican members of Congress, including Rep. Virginia Foxx, contributed to this riot by perpetuating the myth that the 2020 election was not valid or was disputable. In the most recent “Foxx Report” from Foxx, she explained that she could not certify the Pennsylvania results, a state that Joe Biden won by over 80,000 votes, because of “anonymous drop boxes.”

The validation of absentee ballots placed in drop boxes is the same as ballots sent through the mail. I suspect that Foxx’s real problem with these drop boxes is that most were located in urban areas that have large minority populations that are more likely to vote for Democrats.

Many states made it easier to vote absentee in 2020 due to COVID-19 and should be commended for it. But for some reason, Republicans seem to want to make it harder for people to vote. Why? I guess they think that if more people vote, more Democrats win, although that really wasn’t the case this past November.

This election was free and fair and indisputable. Biden won by a large margin and Foxx knows it. Trump fomented that mob on Jan. 6 and should be removed from office and held criminally liable. Foxx and every member of Congress who voted against fully certifying Biden’s win should be held accountable and censured for aiding and abetting this act of sedition.

Ralph Sorrell,

chairperson Ashe County Democratic Party

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