The April 22 letter, “Elections have consequences” ( a reality check. Whether the writer voted for Donald Trump or not, Donald Trump is the president of the United States and his office deserves respect. Since his election, Trump has been subjected to hate filled rhetoric, witnessed physical attacks on conservative supporters and continues to be victimized by treasonous actions and diatribes.

Individuals should broaden news media horizons to attain unbiased reporting. Watch ABC, NBC, and FOX to get different perspectives on battles, actions, decisions, accomplishments and, yes, political gaffes. Research the facts for yourself to find the truth instead of “drinking the kool-aid” or blindly following like sheep the perverted views expressed on social media — case in point: Ask a Trump “hater,” what has he done to hurt you? The irrational common response is, “I just hate him.”

Trump has accomplished more for this country during his tenure than any other president in history. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, women and others have benefitted from the lowest unemployment rates and highest wages in years with reduced payroll taxes. Trade agreements now favor the United States. Countries are now paying more of their fair share in worldwide accords. Our military has been restored. He supports education curriculum expansion to offer skilled trade training. Corporate taxes have been reduced resulting in businesses returning to the U.S. and job development.

Bipartisan support for our president and his administration would result in improved health care, lower prescription drug costs and accessibility, legal immigration through more efficient processes (he is married to a Slovenian immigrant), continued economic growth and job creation and stronger ally partnerships. Since Trump was duly elected, he has been repeatedly attacked from every angle, albeit his less than respectable tweets and “off the cuff” comments have given plenty of ammunition to the media and the left. A far-left congresswoman from California coined the phrase, “Impeach 45.” Since that slogan was born, Trump has lacked political support by the left for legislation or actions to support U.S. citizens and companies who supply the jobs for our nation. A most recent demoralizing example of this is the hold out by the left for the paycheck and small business loans COVID-19 relief bill in order to force funding for a fine arts center. The left has one widely stated goal — defeat Donald Trump through divisiveness, impeachment, discreditation or economic collapse — none supports citizen needs or wellbeing.

The left has consistently rejected Trump’s elected position and authority. In searching for proof of his “treacheries” against this great country, the only results have been that he was elected as a Republican; he worked real jobs his entire life with real people recognizing that the workers are the true backbone of business success; he is not a member of the political “good ole boy” regime;

and, he speaks to Americans in a language we can appreciate and understand.

By Vicki F Steele, West Jefferson

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