ACTA, our local transportation service, is requiring their drivers to wear masks and have notices in their vans requesting passengers wear masks. Last week, I rode on ACTA twice and on both occasions the driver and I were the only ones wearing masks. My wife called the ACTA office and asked why people were not being required to wear masks on the vans, and she was told that they are not empowered to enforce the recommendation.

When are people going to start considering others especially in a time like this? Why should it be necessary to request, require or mandate to get people to do the right thing? Recommendations from the medical profession is all it should take. And before someone goes into the old worn out “they’re infringing on my rights,” what about the rights of others to be protected from infection by non-mask wearing individuals?

Michael Sawyer

West Jefferson

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Tom Mayer is the executive editor of Mountain Times Publications, a group of five news newspapers, six websites and one monthly periodical in the High Country of North Carolina.

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