Do you know why politicians who wield power over you tend to disregard your concerns? Why they don’t seem to care about your lack of confidence in their ability to make things better or to get our country back on the right track? It’s because politicians always follow the path of least resistance. Even principled, dedicated office holders must spend much of their time and energy avoiding problems and conflicts. That means they constantly have to placate and appease their loudest and most engaged (activist) constituents. The squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease. So, the vocal minority often effectively steers the legislative ship, and we all go along for a ride into waters through which many of us don’t care to travel.

The good news is that we the people can turn this vessel around. We possess all the power necessary to do so. In fact, we have had that power since it was granted to us by the Constitution of the United States 230 years ago. It’s called Article V (Five), and it’s proof that the first elected representatives of the people of this nation knew that their successors may need to be reigned in and overruled at some point in the future.

This crucially important failsafe was included in our foundational document because politicians cannot be trusted to behave themselves reliably. They’re only human. They often make bad decisions and those bad decisions have accumulated over time, resulting in a bloated, overreaching, unaccountable bureaucratic state barely resembling a government built upon the ideals our founders enshrined for us in the Constitution.

These early Americans had worked hard to establish our right to self-governance and they wanted to protect it. Accordingly, knowing human nature, as well as the tendency of government to grow larger over time, they created Article V to ensure that we would have the tools we would need to correct course, if and when that became necessary. Now is that time. The federal government is out of control and unresponsive to its citizens. This is precisely the scenario our founders had foreseen.

Will we take it from here? Will we invoke our authority to bypass Congress, amend our Constitution and place necessary limits on the power of our lawmakers? Do we care enough about our country and about the charted course we set for future generations of Americans?

If you care about such things and want to help steer our country away from the troubled waters of an unresponsive government in Washington, DC, please visit

All hands on deck! It’s time we placed strict limits on the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, including solid fiscal constraints and limited terms for elected federal officials. Together, we can take back control and put America back on course to a brighter future.

Drew Martin


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