When we vote on Nov. 6, we need to elect leaders who are persons of honesty and integrity, people whom we can trust, people who will speak the truth and work for the common good. We need to elect those who are civil in their speech and in their actions, those who would be good models of good character for all of us.

We need to elect leaders who are wise. We need statesmen and -women who will do their best to “work across the aisles” to come up with workable solutions to at least mitigate the undeniable and tragic man-caused effects of the continued burning of fossil fuels. We need leaders who believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and will work for universal health care. We need leaders who care about both the physical infrastructure of America, and the social infrastructure as well. With all our means of communication we are not communicating to the point where millions are turning to opioids and other drugs to address their loneliness. We are greatly divided as a nation and need leaders with wisdom and common sense to find ways to bring us together for good.

We need to elect leaders who believe in, and act for “liberty and justice for all.” We need to be free to vote without intimidation. Those who are able to work in our society need a fair and living wage in order to support themselves and their families. In our court system, justice should not be determined by either by how rich or by how poor one is. We need leaders who believe that justice is both gender and color blind.

We need to elect leaders who have compassion for others. We should not be building walls which cost billions of dollars while thousands of our citizens have lost practically everything due to hurricanes and floods and fires. We should be showing compassion to immigrants fleeing for their lives from other countries rather than using their children as pawns to force them to return to the mayhem and death they have left.

This coming November, in a very real sense, we will be voting on the future of America. What kind of future do we want?

Herbert Hash Jr.

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