We, my wife and I, have a home in Riverfront Acres. Our special interest is our proximity to the proposed asphalt plant and its high potential for emitting pollution into the air and into the pristine New River. Science has proven cancer causing chemicals are emitted into the air from asphalt production. Runoff from this production will also carry harmful chemicals into the river, a river protected by the federal government and one designated as a national treasure.

Maybe even more importantly, Camp Hope, a free camp for terminally ill children and their immediate family, sets just below this proposed plant. These children have little hope, many with respiratory illnesses. Camp Hope provides them a serene place to enjoy nature, the landscape, the river and other amenities. It allows parents and caretakers a break from 24/7 care for these deserving children. What a shame if this retreat for these children has to close because our governing officials and lawyers see the asphalt plant as more important than these deserving children!

The Blue Ridge Parkway is only a few miles from this proposed site. As word of this polluting industry spreads will tourists cease to visit Glendale Springs, Jefferson and West Jefferson? What is more important; tourism dollars or dollars in the asphalt plant owner’s pocket?

Will the large truck traffic affect and permanently damage the renowned Ben Long frescos? Do we want take the chance?

We want to acknowledge and thank the Ashe County Board of Commissioners for taking preventative action and a stance against pollution. They see and understand what losing millions of dollars in health care, land values, tourism and taxes will do to our thriving communities.

Gurney and Donna Wike


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