WEST JEFFERSON — Ashe County High School announced its scholar-athletes for the 2020 Springs sports season, which was cut short by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Scholar-athletes are students who upheld a 3.5 or higher weighted GPA for the spring semester, while also participating in sports. A total of 75 students received the honor for the 2020 Spring semester. Due to the school year being cut short and the grading policy implemented, seniors were unable to be honored.

Baseball was represented by Mason Baldwin, Ben Chamberlain, Jose Carrizales Fierro, Gracen Cline, Aaron Eller, Luke Gilley, Cody Hamm, Jaxon Kitson, Ty Little and Rune Hernandez. From softball, Laney Badger, Sydney Greer, Felina Bo Patrick, Megan Powers, Emily Ramirez, Brooke Vannoy, Skyler Vannoy, Elizabeth Wallace, Rebecka Wonsick and Gwyneth Wood.

Men’s golf saw Auatin Hart, Conner Howell, Seth Pritchard, Matthew Cole Rumfelt, Joseph Shaw and Grayson Watson honored and men’s tennis was represented by Tatum Brown, Jackson Keith, Jackson Krider, John Perkins, Jacob Reavis and Josh Weaver.

Women’s soccer had the most scholar-athletes of any single team with 18. Claudia Acevedo, Jernee Ashley, Ceanna Baker, Sherry Billings, Rebekah Blair, Abigail Garcia-de-Leon, Johnna Hibbetts, Jayden Jones, Jordan Jones, Sophia Kiser, Hannah Krider, Sydney Leek, Aubreanna Lovell, Jezik Martin, Madison May, Morgan Phipps, Josie Russell and Katie Woods.

The two track teams had a combined 25 athletes honored for their scholastic achievements. The women’s team saw Acevedo, madison Adams, Lacie Allen, Alexis Blevins, Ashley Dollar, Emma Durr, Emma Jones, Abigail McClure, Bella Powers, Maggie Powers, Ava Rector and Josie Russell honored, while the men’s team was represented by Trent Blevins, Dylan Carpenter, Mason Carpenter, Benjamin Cary, Noah Farmer, Conner Howell, Ben Knotts, Cesar Martinez, Matther Mullis, Neil Pate, Eli Randolph, Joshua Roten and Andrew Worley.

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