midnight madness 3

Ian Graybeal punts the ball in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition during 2017’s Midnight Madness. This year, the event is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 2.

WEST JEFFERSON — With the 2019-2020 sports season just around the corner, the Ashe Huskies are looking to fill head coaching and assistant coaching positions before the season kicks off.

Open positions for the upcoming sports season include the head junior varsity boys soccer coach, junior varsity head baseball coach and a head coach for swimming, according to Ashe County High School Athletic Director David Koontz. Assistant coaching positions for JV boys and varsity girls basketball are also available.

“Overall, the staff is pretty much set, which is good,” Koontz said, “but those are the main openings right now that we’re working on.”

Koontz added that most coaching positions for the fall are taken care of, with the addition of Maddie Roberts as the new head coach for the girls golf team. Koontz said Roberts used to play on the golf team when she attended ACHS, and she now teaches math at the high school.

“We’re excited to have her taking over for that, plus we’re excited with the fact that she teaches here,” Koontz said. “We always like to have staff coaches.”

Fans and student athletes can also expect to see updated facilities this sports season. Koontz said that the ACHS tennis courts are currently being updated and are expected to be completed on Aug. 1.

The new tennis courts will have purple painted playing surfaces, which not only match the school colors, but also will offer benefits for players on the court.

“Purple and blue are becoming two of the most popular colors for tennis courts,” Koontz said, adding that the reason for the popularity is because of the contrast between the playing surface and the tennis ball. The U.S. Open, for example, uses blue playing surfaces.

Also under renovation is the ACHS gym floor. The floor was completely sanded down and is currently being refinished. The new gym floor will feature the new Huskies logo and include more floor inserts for volleyball poles, which will allow for two cross-courts in the main gym.

Koontz also said new conference championship banners will be displayed above the bleachers. The new banners will include all of the conference championships for Huskies football on one banner to make room for the individual championship banners that will also be added.

The first official Ashe Huskies football practice for the 2019 season is scheduled for Aug. 1, with Midnight Madness scheduled the following night on Aug. 2.

Registration is currently open for all sports throughout the year. Students can register online by visiting https://www.familyid.com/programs/2018-2019-ashe-county-high-school-athletic-registration.

For more information about ACHS athletics, including fall sports schedules, visit https://www.asheschools.org/domain/612.

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