ASHE COUNTY — The Ashe County High School athletes who took part in boy’s and girl’s golf, boy’s tennis, softball and girl’s soccer have made their mark in the MVAC All-conference lineup.

In boy’s golf, Jake Patton and Chase Wilson made the cut with Austin Hart gaining an honorable mention. Player of the year went to James Owings from Elkin and Coach of the Year went to his couch Zim Zimmerman.

Girls golf took home gold with Ashley Hardin, Jadyn Trivett and Emma Goodman in the all-conference lineup. Honorable mentions included Allyson Greer and Chloe Goodman. Hardin also took the title of Player of the Year and ACHS Head Coach Madison Roberts was crowned Coach of the Year by MVAC.

All six seniors from the boys tennis team were placed on the lineup: Tatum Brown, Baxter Glover, Jackson Keith, John Perkins, Jake Reavis and Josh Weaver. Elkin once again took the reins with Player of the Year Patrick Soos and Coach of the Year Brent Poplin.

In softball, Becka Wonsick found herself with a spot in the all-conference lineup and her teammates Adeline Bower and Paige Overcash got honorable mentions. Player and Pitcher of the Year went to West Wilkes’ Lily Profit. Coach of the Year also went to West Wilkes for head coach Michael Woodruff.

Finally, in girls soccer, Jernee Ashley, Sophia Kiser, Claudia Acevedo and Jezik Martin found themselves on the all-conference list. Sherry Billings and Jordan Jones both received honorable mentions. Wilkes Central took both major titles with Zoe Susi winning Player of the Year and coach Matt Matthews with Coach of the Year.

The final MVAC All-Conference lineups will include girls tennis, wrestling, track & field and baseball.

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