Wrestling v. Ashe

In the spotlight against Ashe, Watauga’s wrestlers wilted as the Huskies dominated 72-6.

WEST JEFFERSON — As Ashe County High School continues to make their mark with wrestling this conference season, the team hosted long-time rivals Watauga on Dec. 16, coming out with a dominant win by a final score of 78-6.

“The atmosphere created by everyone in the gymnasium was something beautiful for those new to the sport and those well seasoned to it,” said Coach Danny Dillard.

Wrestlers from the Ashe County Mat Monsters and their parents were present along with a full crowd of fans.

Husky Drew Roland won over Watauga’s Anthony Roncketti (fall 0:44), Nate Brown downed opponent Camden Rock (fall 1:28), Luke Osborne defeated Jordan Lemus (fall 1:59), Andrew Peterson won over Palmer Smith (fall 4:39), Matthew Peterson defeated Carson Smith (fall 2:22), Lukus Spencer went over Jake Carpenter (fall 0:34), Mason Armentrout won over Edwyn Vickrey (fall 1:11) and Kaden Dullard defeated William Bouboulis (fall 1:07). All other results can be found at www.trackwrestling.com/tw/seasons/ under Ashe County High School.

Watauga prevailed in one match as Jacob Steadman beat Takoda Barnes (fall 1:19).

“The environment was just like the ‘good old days’ of wrestling on our home turf,” said Dillard.

With the coming matches, the Huskies are looking bright.

Ian Taylor contributed reporting to this story.

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