Day speaks

ACHS volleyball head coach Kassee Day speaks to her players during a match.

WEST JEFFERSON — After not much of a preseason and no non-conference games to get up to speed, the Ashe County Huskies varsity volleyball team dropped below .500 with a loss on the road. Inching closer to the halfway point of the season, head coach Kassee Day said the young team needs to keep moving forward.

“We’re feeling pretty good about things. We’re a super young team, but there’s a lot of potential out there with young and seasoned players,” Day said.

At presstime, the Huskies (2-3) are coming off of a split week, winning on the road against East Wilkes (1-5) in a dominant fashion before falling to the undefeated West Wilkes Blackhawks.

Day said the team still needs to improve on little things, noting the varsity team’s “flow” is consistent and producing. However, this season is like no other, with the team having to deal with NCHSAA regulations to fight of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with Day saying they’ve had an effect.

“There’s definitely no small impact, playing with a mask is something new they’ve had to overcome,” Day said. “There’s a restraint on our practice time due to restrictions. Honestly I feel the girls have adapted very well despite all of the challenges so far.”

One challenge was the lack of non-conference games, which cut down on prep time for the meat of the schedule.

“Without the non-conference games in the beginning, those give us a lot of practice for game situations. So even though we’re in-line with the rest of the conference, it still feels like we’re a little bit behind.”

No matter the challenges, Day said the team has to keep at it.

“We talk about it at practice and games, we’re going to play every game like it’s our last,” Day said. “We don’t know what’s going to come down from the state-level, but we’re going to keep going.”

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