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WEST JEFFERSON — Ashe County High School had 55 student athletes from the winter sports season make all-conference or receive honorable mentions for the 2019-20 season in the Mountain Valley Athletic Conference.

Indoor track saw Claudia Acevedo, Jernee Ashley, Dylan Baldwin, Trent Blevins, Allie Blevins, Macie Bowlin, Mahaley Cronk, Emma Durr, Malorie Eller, Noah Farmer, Gabby Harmon, Josh Hardin, Melena Howell, Jezik Martin, Abby McClure, Isaac Miller, Neal Pate, Ethan Pennington, Torin Potter, Maggie Powers, Grady Rector, Josh Roten, Zoe Schell, Dylan Short and Trent Trivette receive all-conference.

Acevedo, Ashley, Sherry Billings, Dylan Carpenter, Joseph Cary, Cronk, Durr, Connor Howell, Martin and McClure also received all-conference honorable mentions.

From the wrestling team, Trent Baker, Nate Brown, Kabel Dillard, Matthew Peterson, Timothy Peterson and Jaron Greer were named all-conference, while Gabriel Bare was given an honorable mention.

Lindsey Robinson was the lone swimmer to get the all-conference nod, also picking up an honorable mention, while teammates Leigh McKenzie, Josie Dancy and Lauren Edmondson received honorable mentions.

Both basketball teams combined for four all-conference honors, with Hallie Treva, Jordan Jones, Audrey Craven and Austin Poe being honored. Kenadie Hudler, Jayden Jones, Nate Lee and Colby Greer received honorable mentions.

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